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Not all heroes wear capes

Creating meaningful social impact through entrepreneurship requires more than just blood, sweat and tears. It requires a partner with a special kind of superpower who can guide you through the trials and tribulations, the frustrations, and bring you to the satisfaction of having made a real difference at the grassroots level, of having impacted lives.

Villgro Philippines is that partner. 

We are an early-stage impact incubator

We inspire, mentor, fund, and nurture entrepreneurs who are addressing the most urgent social issues through innovative market-based models.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of nurturing ambitious drivers of social change globally, Villgro Philippines is poised to take on challenges that you as an entrepreneur face as you are starting out to make the world a better place.

In simple words, if you are a hero in the making, building an innovative solution that addresses critical social and environmental problems, and can transform the lives of the poor and marginalized in the Philippines, then we are looking for you!

Issues we are passionate about


Market Access for Agri commodities
Developing products and services for improving productivity


Access to Affordable Healthcare
Quick and accurate delivery of medical information


Affordable and Quality Education
Fair employment for everyone

Climate Crisis

Clean and reliable energy
Affordable and climate-resilient housing
Reducing ocean plastic and waste management

If your business models works towards solving these basic need–of-the-hour issues and your solutions are a thorough market-based model that has the potential to scale then you’re in luck!

Villgro Philippines is your partner to build an enterprise that creates lasting social impact. We will keep you inspired, guide you towards the right capital and market partners, source experienced mentors and experts that can help you grow your business, and nurture your enterprise by problem-solving and strategizing with you. We will bring together what you need so you can focus on testing, validating, growing your business, and amplifying your impact. 

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Once you’re part of Villgro Philippines you are in a powerhouse of groundbreaking, myth shattering, norm busting ecosystem whose sole purpose is to move heaven and earth to make you succeed.

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