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Creating meaningful social impact through entrepreneurship requires more than just blood, sweat and tears. It requires a partner with a special kind of superpower who can guide you through the trials and tribulations, the frustrations, and bring you to the satisfaction of having made a real difference at the grassroots level, of having impacted lives.

Villgro Philippines is that partner. 

The Villgro Innovation Accelerator is a fast track learning program that identifies, supports and grows high-potential solutions that can transform the lives of poor.

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What does Innovation Accelerator mean?

The Villgro Innovation Accelerator is a state-of-the-art program designed as a ‘theme based Go-To- Market’ accelerator program that lasts for 12 months. In this program we focus on rapid testing of models with early traction, building out a growth strategy for the business and connecting you to the larger market.

Our goal here is to bring together people from a specific sub-sector – mentors, funders, partners, policy makers, corporates – who are best positioned in solving problems within that sector. During the 12 months, you as an enterprise will be in a position to iterate and scale your solutions effectively and efficiently. The end result of the Villgro Innovation Accelerator is that you are put in the fast tag lane to grow your impact thanks to the associations built with the identified market and money partners. 

What are the key outcomes?

Villgro Innovation Accelerator is a boon to any enterprise that is poised to take the next big step. It gives you clear and coherent advantages such as:

Follow-on Funding:  We work with capital partners to provide follow-on funding to our program graduates. Through the accelerator program, we work with the team to build financial models and identify the need and type of capital. This results in tailored connections at the end of the program. 

Growth Strategy:   Through the rapid testing and development of go-to-market approach, at the end of the program you will have developed a strong growth strategy with key milestones identified to grow your model. 

Market Networks: The Accelerator is based on the fundamentals of accessing market. Through the program, key market partners relevant to your business will be identified and connections will be made to them, as needed. 

How is it different from Incubation?

Incubation and Accelerator are two very different entities. While in Incubation we mentor and grow a start-up in its nascent stage of development, in Accelerator we work with social impact enterprises who have been in the business for some time, have tested their business models and are already a known face to their customers. However, they still need to scale and polish their processes. 

Villgro Innovation Accelerator is run on a cohort-model through 12 months where support is delivered through in-depth classroom sessions called Innovation Labs and one-on-one customized incubation support. This focused accelerator program allows us to support a larger number of entrepreneurs and their business ideas. It culminates in a Showcase or Demo Day, which puts entrepreneurs directly in front of investors, potential market and funding partners. 

What is the Selection Criteria?

The Villgro Innovation Accelerator is theme- based and launched only in partnership with ecosystem and market partners. Our themes may change depending on the demand but we support models that demonstrate the following:

For- Profit and Market-based models

Your enterprise must be legally incorporated as a for-profit business or a cooperative in the Philippines. We are looking to support high potential market-based models with a clear revenue stream and customer base with potential for growth.

Early- Stage Entrepreneurship

You must have an early-stage business (less than 5 years old), that has created some revenue-generating customers. In some cases, we may also accept enterprises that may be launching a new business vertical but only if they can demonstrate potential for large scale social impact.


You haven’t received any institutional funding but are looking to do so within the next 12 months.  

Social Impact

The business model can create significant and direct impact on the lives of the poor – creating jobs or significantly improving incomes, or development through the product/service.

Sector or Theme Focus

Villgro Innovation Accelerator programs target a specific sector or theme. 

What Support will you get?

At Villgro we believe that when the best minds in the business work together, the outcome is nothing short of phenomenal. To make sure that every enterprise that joins the Villgro Accelerator gets the very best we follow an approach of bringing domain experts and mentors and access to follow-on-funding. The Accelerator is designed to create and implement strategies that help you accelerate your success in the market. 

The core focus of the program is: 

Rapid Testing: Along with mentors and experts, we help you design lean experiments to test key assumptions and viability of the product or service. These experiments are tested and results measured and assessed to help identify the best possible roadmap for scaling your enterprise.  

Go-To-Market Strategy: Through Villgro’s diagnostic panels and one on one mentoring, we work with you to develop a strategic action plan that identifies how to reach target customers, better compete in the marketplace, and identify strategic market partners. Our team then works with you to build key partnerships with market players. 

Financial Technical Assistance:  Good financial management and having a strong handle on your cash-flow is critical for a growing enterprise. Our Finance mentors collaborate with you to build strong financial management processes, identify performance metrics and ensure that good governance practices become embedded in your business. In addition, we work with you to build your financial model and projections to understand your cash-flow needs. 

Impact Metrics and Measurement: Our team will help you identify key impact metrics and set up processes to measure and report your impact results periodically.

Current Program

The Innovation Accelerator – AGRICULTURE in partnership with Go Negosyo


The average age of the Filipino farmer is 57. Small holder farmers and fisher-folk are among the poorest in the Philippines. If we are to address inequality in the country, agriculture and fisheries need to create a path out of poverty, We aim to find the businesses making farming viable and profitable by working throughout the value chain: inputs, farmers, traders, food processors, retailers.

We recently launched Angat Lahat sa Agribusiness (ALAB) Innovation Accelerator in partnership with Go Negosyo and Aboitiz Foundation.

Read more about our cohort here

Once you’re part of Villgro Philippines you are in a powerhouse of groundbreaking, myth shattering, norm busting ecosystem whose sole purpose is to move heaven and earth to make you succeed.

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