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Villgro Philippines draws its strength from over two decades of experience from Villgro’s work in India and has adapted those learnings to custom fit the Philippine Impact ecosystem. Our confidence comes from knowing that what we have is a unique tried and tested model that has benefited hundreds of entrepreneurs and impacted millions of lives over the years. We are also supporting entrepreneurs in Kenya in East Africa and have a new office in the US to coordinate our global efforts.

Miracles don’t happen overnight !

Cities aren’t built in seconds and a bespoke Incubation model doesn’t happen with the click of your fingers. It took us 20 years of sharpening our skills and expertise to understand how best to help entrepreneurs succeed.

The Villgro incubation model took flight in India exactly 20 years ago with the sole purpose of providing budding impact entrepreneurs the tools to tackle the world. We are now adapting the model and learning to young ecosystems like the Philippines.

Our model is designed to provide highly customized early-stage support that is anchored in access to risk capital, high quality mentoring, investment readiness and access to talent, networks and markets.

What we look for

How it works

What you get

Who we support

What we look for

Trailblazers who want to make a mark for themselves and create systemic change  that will benefit generations to come

Do you have what it takes to be part of the Villgro ecosystem?

Social Impact

Will you have direct and tangible impact on the lives of the poor? Is your product or service sustainable, affordable and accessible?


Are you creating an innovative solution to a critical problem? Is your product or service a ‘’need-to-have’ rather than ‘nice-to-have’?


Where do you stand? Are you in the process of developing your product/ services or conducting pilots?

Business Feasibility

Are you building a for-profit enterprise with viable revenue streams and have the potential to achieve financial sustainability?


Do you understand product-market fit and are creating solutions for large target markets across different geographies?


Are you passionate and committed, have the right set of skills to execute your ideas, and the ability to inspire confidence in future stakeholders?


How the Villgro Incubation Model works

We specialize in an 18-36 month (sometimes more!) intensive incubation cycle that is designed to help you test and validate models, build a sound, replicable model that you can scale and get investment ready.

Access to Critical Seed, Risk Capital

Villgro works with you to access capital by building your financial model, and help you pitch your business to early-stage investors. In cases where Villgro does not invest directly, we work with you to find the right type of capital at the right time from our network of impact investors.

High Impact Mentoring

Villgro mentors play a critical role in our Incubation model. We provide in-depth expertise and support you throughout your journey with us. Our mentors include seasoned entrepreneurs, business professionals, sector-specific experts and/or technical experts.

Dynamic Diagnostic Panels

A diagnostic panel is Villgro’s unique methodology to generate solutions for key risks that you might face. Our diagnostic panel is a group of mentors and experts who are most relevant in experience, skills and knowledge for you. This group of mentors will work with you and your team to reviews risks and challenges in all areas of your business model, focusing on customer segments, value proposition, channels and unit economics. The result is that you will have strategic inputs from the best-in-industry and recommendations for lean experiments at your disposal.

Quality Technical Assistance

Villgro provides access to a pool of reliable service providers in critical functions such as accounting, legal assistance, back end support, making them easily accessible and economical for our incubatees. The aim is to help you get the help you require in setting up critical processes such as financial compliance, legal compliance, employee manuals, organizational culture, usage of design and prototyping services for products etc.

Strong Network of Partners

Villgro is actively building networks of market, capital and sector partners that benefit you. We actively work with you to unlock networks that are critical to the success of your business model.

Robust Portfolio Management

Our Portfolio Managers are your problem solvers. They work with you night and day to mitigate risks, build partnerships, strategy, sales, marketing, clinical validation, market pilots, technical commercialization, basically your Portfolio Manager is your guardian angel.

Sharing Knowledge, Tools and Templates

At Villgro we are big on classroom workshops for entrepreneurs to share challenges and wins with each other as well as for common thematic capacity building sessions throughout the incubation cycle. As our incubatee you will have access to all our tools and templates that you can use for your day-to-day operations.


What you Get

It is important to know how the Villgro Incubation model will benefit you and your team. We can’t and we don’t promise you the moon but we will give you the rocket fuel to get up there

By the end of the incubation cycle, you will have achieved the following:

A Market Validated Model that is Ready to Scale

After having spent considerable time with our team of business mentors, domain experts and portfolio managers you will have validated the key assumptions of your model, established clearly your innovation and differentiation, assessed scaling potential & formulated a strategy, along with the capability to execute to take your business to the next level. 

A Core Team that can execute your Vision

The Villgro Incubation Model works with you to build organizational depth by having co-founders and senior resources in place with structured roles and formal agreements; and the team will be focused on building its second layer of management by the end of our engagement. Your team will now have enviable skills, market understanding, networks, and most importantly the beginning of the thriving work culture to go forward as a growing team.

A Business that is Investment Ready to raise follow-on capital

We work with you and your team to help you realize that the value of your enterprise is far greater than when you started the journey. In order to scale and take it to its logical conclusion you will require much needed capital. By the end of your Incubation journey, you will be ready to confidently take your product/service to institutional investors and inspire them to invest in your dreams.We work with you to build your financial model and projections to understand your cash-flow needs and refine your investment ask and identify external capital needs and use. Our Finance mentors collaborate with you to build strong financial management processes, identify performance metrics and ensure that good governance practices become embedded in your business.

Strategies and Processes in place to help manage growth

For an organisation to have a smooth and successful run, especially as you scale, you need to have strong processes and strategies in place. Our Incubation support helps you identify your weak points, and develop and customise solutions for each of them. So as you graduate the program not only do you have a viable, scalable enterprise but also one that is structurally sound with built-in trouble shooting mechanisms.


Who we support

While we will always support innovative models that have the power to transform the lives of the poor, we are actively looking for solutions to problems into these urgent issues:

Agriculture & Fisheries


  • Access to Market for agri and fisheries commodities
  • Products and services to increase farm productivity
  • Tech solutions to make farming profitable for smallholder farmers

Affordable Healthcare


  • Access to affordable and quality last-mile healthcare
  • Improving and accelerating maternal and child health outcomes
  • Quick and accurate delivery of medical information

Gender Equality


  • Support and empower women entrepreneurs contributing to the UN SDGs
  • Address gender-specific challenges such as access to finance, leadership, and strategic networks
  • Gender lens and impact investing

Climate Crisis



  • Clean and reliable energy
  • Affordable and climate-resilient housing
  • Reducing ocean plastic and waste management

Experience is the teacher of all things

Julius Caesar

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Once you’re part of the Villgro Philippines network, you are in a powerhouse of a groundbreaking, myth shattering, norm busting ecosystem of peers whose sole purpose is to move heaven and earth to create sustainable social impact.

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At Villgro, justice, equity, diversity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) are at the core of our work. We are intentional about ensuring that we welcome diverse perspectives and encourage ideas to be shared freely. Villgro Philippines is an equal opportunity employer, offering a respectful workplace free from discrimination and harassment. We do not discriminate against applicants or employees due to their race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, age, physical ability, hairstyle, or length of time spent unemployed. As an organization, we are committed to reflecting the diverse communities we serve.




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