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This is how heroes are made

Ordinary people with extraordinary powers

We believe that entrepreneurship has the power to solve the most pressing problems in the world. Poverty, hunger, inadequate healthcare, limited access to education – these are the issues that keep us up at night.

We realised that if we were to make even a small dent in these problematic scenarios, we must back impact entrepreneurs, our superheroes, who are challenging the status quo and deploying imaginative, scalable solutions to tackle these challenges.

All hands on deck

Our team consists of strong willed, focused, and conscientious individuals who bring to the table more than just experience – we bring niche expertise, insightful solutions, and a drive to succeed that would make Serena Williams proud. To tackle major challenges, our entrepreneurs need a thriving ecosystem with people and organizations coming together as a community to share learnings and leverage each other’s strengths and collaborate. Apart from the core team at Villgro Philippines, we also tap into a group of super talented and gifted individuals and combine their powers of excellence towards achieving a greater good. Villgro Philippines actively creates platforms for thought leadership, ideas and resource exchanges and networking.

What’s life without a bit of risk?

If history has taught us anything it is that if you believe in something you must be willing to take a bullet for it. We believe that our heroes, early-stage impact entrepreneurs, face challenges and risks such as barriers in operating in a difficult environment, delivering products or services last mile, and generating significant financial returns. They require philanthropic-minded or “patient,” capital that provides the flexibility and security to grow their business and reach as many poor customers as possible. Finding such generous supporters who have the heart and the pockets to bet on a winning horse is our secret to success. Bringing together blended financing and adequate one on one support – , It’s what sets us apart from other incubators in the field. If we believe in you and your vision, there’s really no stopping us.

Trial by Fire

Superheroes don’t happen overnight

You have an idea that will solve the world’s biggest problem? Great. You can single-handedly make a difference in people’s lives? Fantastic.

But have you tested your model? Can you scale it? Is it profitable and therefore sustainable? We need people with nerves of steel. Are you feeling of dread, doubt, and insecurity? Are you now questioning your every move? If you are then you’re exactly who we are looking for. Because doubt is good, it will make you test your idea in a thousand different ways to see if it works. Dread is fantastic because that will drive you keep you on your toes and make sure that you are able to sustain and scale. Insecure is wonderful because you will constantly be on your toes. It’s a tough world out there and you can’t change it overnight, it takes all you’ve got. This whole process of turning an idealistic dream into hard reality is what we like to call ‘Trial by fire’.

For every passionate dreamer there’s a reality checker, for you, that’s us!

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Once you’re part of the Villgro Philippines network, you are in a powerhouse of a groundbreaking, myth shattering, norm busting ecosystem of peers whose sole purpose is to move heaven and earth to create sustainable social impact.

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