Designing, improving, and accelerating solutions at the nexus of climate and gender.

Ways4Waste Innovation Challenge

Ways4Waste Innovation Challenge by Villgro Philippines and The Incubation Network is a fully virtual 10-week program that seeks to support Filipino innovators solving challenges at the nexus of climate and gender, with a particular focus on waste management systems and female informal workers.

The program will provide 3 design challenges for participants to create solutions around the plastic problem in the Philippines, all of which are focused on creating circular economies and providing better livelihood opportunities to female informal workers.


Team Wear Forward

 provides clothing as a service through an AI-powered circular fashion marketplace and virtual wardrobe where users can manage, share, buy, and source preloved, sustainable, upcycled, and refashioned clothes and other textiles and avail fashion and refashion services. It connects customers to informal waste workers and their products and services. It further connects textile waste donors to communities they can support for collection, management, and upcycling. Through Wear Forward, informal waste workers will undergo a Circular Fashion Training Program to upcycle textile wastes into high-quality products with a viable product-market fit. They will also be equipped to offer refashion services like repairs and alterations. Moreover, the informal waste workers can use the platform to continuously guide them on their skills training, designs, and livelihood through the program modules and resources tailor-made for them.

Team BukoAll

will buy fresh coconuts and discarded/extra coconut husks/shells from coconut farming cooperatives and associations all around Negros. These coconuts and coconut wastes will then be given to hired artisans, local craftsmen, and cooks as materials in making “Kokontainers”( BukoAll’s coconut containers) and ingredients in making coconut delicacies. The Kokontainers will be sold to eco-friendly restaurants/food services to be used as food packaging for takeouts and deliveries and the coconut-based products sold to zero-waste stores/shops. 

 After being used to their full extent, the consumers can return them to BukoAll. By returning the Kokontainers, the consumers will receive incentives in the form of 2nd and 3rd Grade (“ugly produce”) from our local farmers. The returned Kokontainers are to be upcycled as coconut-based products like coco peat, coco coir, coco fiber, organic fertilizer, and charcoal. These upcycled products are then to be traded or sold to farms and consumers, thus, repeating the Kokonomy once again.

Team JuanBag

is reducing single-use plastic Juan at a time by providing a returnable and reusable packaging to online shops. We upcycle post-consumer e-commerce and courier packaging into a Juan-made bag and provide a channel to return our bags for reuse.

Program Timeline

Application Period

June 30 to July 29

6-week program

August 9 to September 14

Final Pitches

September 13 to 14

Lean Incubation Support

September 20 to October 14

Program Details

Over the course of 6 weekly sprints, teams will go through the iterative design thinking process: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test. After an initial round of testing, participants will pitch to a panel of judges and 3 teams will be identified to go through 4 additional weeks of lean incubation with a focus on business model development and further rounds of prototyping and testing, coupled with customized mentorship from Villgro’s and TIN’s networks.

Prototyping, customer validation, and testing weeks will engage corporate and local government partners to provide opportunities for the participants to test solutions on the ground with stakeholders that experience waste management challenges on a day-to-day basis. Engaging with female informal workers that these partners work with will be key to drive validation of participants’ solutions.

The design challenges are as follows:


Challenge 1

How might we encourage women working in landfills and coastal areas to create high-value products with longer life cycles?

Challenge 2

How might we ensure that contraceptives are accessible through effective supply chains?

Challenge 3

How might we provide more safe and profitable opportunities for informal workers, especially women and girls?

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The Incubation Network is a catalyst for action and investment in the circular economy that aims to prevent the flow of plastic waste into the world’s ocean. TIN has connected network of innovators, investors, civil society organizations, and government leaders across those key South and Southeast Asian countries. Collectively, they design and deliver programs that drive investment, innovation, and partnerships for inclusive and gender-responsive waste management and circular economy solutions.

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