Team BukoAll

will buy fresh coconuts and discarded/extra coconut husks/shells from coconut farming cooperatives and associations all around Negros. These coconuts and coconut wastes will then be given to hired artisans, local craftsmen, and cooks as materials in making “Kokontainers”( BukoAll’s coconut containers) and ingredients in making coconut delicacies. The Kokontainers will be sold to eco-friendly restaurants/food services to be used as food packaging for takeouts and deliveries and the coconut-based products sold to zero-waste stores/shops. 

 After being used to their full extent, the consumers can return them to BukoAll. By returning the Kokontainers, the consumers will receive incentives in the form of 2nd and 3rd Grade (“ugly produce”) from our local farmers. The returned Kokontainers are to be upcycled as coconut-based products like coco peat, coco coir, coco fiber, organic fertilizer, and charcoal. These upcycled products are then to be traded or sold to farms and consumers, thus, repeating the Kokonomy once again.